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Zip lining

In my adventure bucket list, I had Zip lining too as an item. But when I finally did it, I didn’t find it adventurous. May be because I followed top-down approach i.e. starting from sky dive and then reaching to Zip-lining. You are so excruciatingly harnessed up that even if you want , you can’t fall. So I added a bit of my craziness and was constantly flailing around while screaming at top of my lungs. This sure spiced things up because other got scared hearing my screams, that sure was adventurous and fun šŸ˜‰

One was done at Zoom Ziplines at Mountain Creek, NJ.

Second was in Puerto-Rico.

Definitely second one was better..





My biggest adventure so far. I’m in love with sky and dive and sky-dive (lolz…I get crazy when someone mentions sky dive). I’ve done it twice so far. Although I’ll do it happily again but I still can’t gather the courage to do it alone. However I like it, both time, when I looked below from the helicopter, I had whole army of butterflies in my stomach. It all happens so fast that I’m sure I would forget to pull parachute open and will crash to heaven. šŸ˜‰ … may be another to-do project for me. But till then, I’m happy to piggyback someone else and fly like a loose kite….because, once you jump, its an absolute delight.

Watch me flying all over sky here–>Ā Sky-Dive






Night Nation Run -2016


Yesterday, I participated in Night Nation Run in Englishtown NJ. It was a fun experience and first run event this year. Though I still prefer walking over running, I’m starting to like running and want to go full fledge in it. If you believe me, I’m thinking to participate in Ironman too (blush blush ;)) …. I know its a long way to go, but I’ve taken first step..

This was a good event started with DJ, Drinks and cheerful faces of people around. I was with two other friends and we got our bib and race packet pretty soon. We danced and hollered till we couldn’t and started our race as third wave of people. Excitement was all around. People returning were waving and high-fived us. We ran, walked, laughed, giggled.Ā 5 miles this way was a piece of cake. We took snaps at different check-posts and finished this event in 2 hours.

And then we were hungry. A big order of fries found its way to our stomach pretty soon. I never thought fries so delicious. Hunger is a good feeling, you start value things around you. :D.. After feeling content, we all were quiet and peaceful. We just sat and watched people for sometime and then started for home.

Getting my car out of parking lot was a monumental task. But after 20 mins, I got out alive and thus ended my first run event of this year. I definitely plan to go again next year and I’ve already signed up for other run events happening this year šŸ˜‰

I wish this momentum not to break and I wish next year, around same time, I write a blog of my experience in Ironman triathlon.

Happy Running to my fellow Runners.