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Who I am and why I’m here!

I was talking to one of my friend and he had different ideas about existence of humans. According to him, we are here just as a chance, there is no big plan which we all are a part of. There was big bang , and purely by one in a million possibility, we came into existence.

I listened to this and got very much disturbed by it. I can’t accept that we are here for no purpose except merely to exist.  I like to think we all are here to serve some purpose as per our own individual destiny. But what he said unsettled me a lot. I don’t want to live my life like that…just to exist and then fade away when I’m gone. I want to explain to world what is going on in that a little big head of mine. It may not be of much importance, but it deserved to be heard.

And though I can converse well, I think writing something strengthen your steps in this world, long after we are gone. Don’t we have enough examples for that? I always thought I would like to be a writer, but like most people, I always thought I had enough time. My friend’s speech jolted me back to reality. There is no time, you can cease to exist anytime. And then I think its high time to work on my plans without any delay. Because even if there is no big plan, there is my plan and I at least should be a part of it. Isn’t it?

That’s my reason to be here, and that’s what I am. An executor of my plan. 🙂

Happy Blogging!