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Generation Gap

Ruth tells me that she just cant’ leap the Generation gap she shares with her daughter and it’s getting on her nerves. She thinks that her daughter is a complete stranger and she doesn’t understand her anymore. Other people around us agreed on what she was saying.

I for my part was quiet because I think “Generation gap” is overrated. I think that failure to understand parent’s perspective and vice-versa is the most natural thing that happens with everyone. There is no gap. Parents have gone through the same process and have matured and now it’s children turn. It’s not like parents can’t understand but it’s just that they don’t approve.

When I listen to the stories of my parent’s childhood, I’m elated at the similarities we share. They were like me; strong headed, quick tempered and naughty. They were difficult for their parents and have quite a lot of mischievous incidents in their bags. But these only sounds like stories because I can’t imagine them doing things like that. Because then they would understand why I do what I do.

But as I said they have gone though the maturing process and now they know the implications of things they did and don’t want history to be repeated . I’m now somewhere in the middle of that process. Things I used to like, and my parents used to despise, are starting to irritate me too. I look 5 years back and think,”Was I really that stupid?”.  I’m starting to understand their perspective and for next generation I might be creating the ‘Gap’ with that understanding.

As a child , you have to go through this process, simple or hard way, and as a parent, you can just try to make that process smooth. Ultimately as some wise man said, “You can try to guide people, but you can’t change their destiny”. So stop worrying about this gap too much, it’s natural , run its course and ultimately finishes and waits for another wave.




I am Diverse

Though Diverse always points me to the diversity in countries, in the culture, in the nature. But today, I want to look inside me. I’m the creation of God and like all his things, I myself is diverse.

I remember from childhood, I was stereotyped. My relative would introduce me as a shy, introvert, studious, book-worm. For a while , I thought I’m like that. But then I realized I’m not. Even I don’t know what kind of a person I’m. Someday I’m introvert, someday extrovert. Some day I will study like that’s the only thing I came on earth to do, other day I’ll sky-dive or trek and talk to strangers like I’m doing it always. Sometimes I’ll think horror is the best genre in movies, other days I’ll disgust myself with anything horror. Weeks over weeks i’ll spend lazying around home, then I’ll have a fit to occupy each and every week with some crazy activity. I’ll dance… I’ll write… I’ll read…I’ll paint.. I’ll sing.. I’ll binge watch tv…I’ll be a gym freak…i’ll trek..i’ll rock climb…i’ll swim…i’ll race..i’ll drive….phew…and then I just may sleep.

Like each diverse day, I’ll be Diverse. You can’t predict me because unpredictable is nature and I’m nature’s most beautiful creation. 🙂



Who I am and why I’m here!

I was talking to one of my friend and he had different ideas about existence of humans. According to him, we are here just as a chance, there is no big plan which we all are a part of. There was big bang , and purely by one in a million possibility, we came into existence.

I listened to this and got very much disturbed by it. I can’t accept that we are here for no purpose except merely to exist.  I like to think we all are here to serve some purpose as per our own individual destiny. But what he said unsettled me a lot. I don’t want to live my life like that…just to exist and then fade away when I’m gone. I want to explain to world what is going on in that a little big head of mine. It may not be of much importance, but it deserved to be heard.

And though I can converse well, I think writing something strengthen your steps in this world, long after we are gone. Don’t we have enough examples for that? I always thought I would like to be a writer, but like most people, I always thought I had enough time. My friend’s speech jolted me back to reality. There is no time, you can cease to exist anytime. And then I think its high time to work on my plans without any delay. Because even if there is no big plan, there is my plan and I at least should be a part of it. Isn’t it?

That’s my reason to be here, and that’s what I am. An executor of my plan. 🙂

Happy Blogging!