Ravi said, ” But this is the gross violation of human rights..!”

Everybody nodded. They were all discussing recent court ruling. Court has ruled that being gay is illegal. It was termed by court as something unnatural.

Ravi further added, “How can you label someone’s feeling as unnatural. Who gives that right. They are not harming you. They are not raping anyone. They just want to be with someone they like. Isn’t it natural?”

John affirmed saying,” Well, I’m no gay and I can’t understand their feelings, but I most certainly thinks if that’s what they want, then they should be allowed. It’s a matter of choice and can’t be forced. Isn’t it what freedom is about? Or are we really free?  Independent?”

Ravi, “Truly said! It saddens me to see that I’m part of this country where court decides our bedroom choice and we may be penalized if we don’t abide.” Having said that, he suddenly looked in the corner and saw Sona smirking at him and a past scene popped up in his mind.

……..”Ravi and other team members were making fun of new guy who joined their team. They recently got to know that he was gay. And every guy was trying to remember whether he touched them. All others were having gala time and laughing their guts out. One guy said , “Oh my god! the other day he came over and touched my shoulders..”, followed by shrieks of laughter. And then comes Sona’s voice, ” Stop it guys! you are embarrassing yourself. Need this topic be discussed like this? Or should it even be discussed?”.. everyone rolled over their eyes with suppressed laughter. Ravi murmured,”self righteous queen..”. Sona heard that but choose not to react and meeting got over………..

As soon as he recollected that incident, he could no longer talk.

Very few time in our life, we get a glimpse of how hypocrite, how mean, how naive we really are. We think that we are very modern, we have free thinking, and are the best human possible. We try to justify that time to time. Had our life been a film, and we could watch it, we could see, what a lie that is. We are what we do, not what we say. When society has too many people whose actions and talks are not consistent, ruling like that happens. Because in talk we may pretend to understand them, but in doing we condemned them. And that’s the embarrassing truth of this society.