I am Diverse

Though Diverse always points me to the diversity in countries, in the culture, in the nature. But today, I want to look inside me. I’m the creation of God and like all his things, I myself is diverse.

I remember from childhood, I was stereotyped. My relative would introduce me as a shy, introvert, studious, book-worm. For a while , I thought I’m like that. But then I realized I’m not. Even I don’t know what kind of a person I’m. Someday I’m introvert, someday extrovert. Some day I will study like that’s the only thing I came on earth to do, other day I’ll sky-dive or trek and talk to strangers like I’m doing it always. Sometimes I’ll think horror is the best genre in movies, other days I’ll disgust myself with anything horror. Weeks over weeks i’ll spend lazying around home, then I’ll have a fit to occupy each and every week with some crazy activity. I’ll dance… I’ll write… I’ll read…I’ll paint.. I’ll sing.. I’ll binge watch tv…I’ll be a gym freak…i’ll trek..i’ll rock climb…i’ll swim…i’ll race..i’ll drive….phew…and then I just may sleep.

Like each diverse day, I’ll be Diverse. You can’t predict me because unpredictable is nature and I’m nature’s most beautiful creation. 🙂




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