Prompted by- Chaos

Off late there is a buzz going around in office about a project that has gone haywire. Observer of this story doesn’t know the particulars but he knows its a bad news. Rumors are that client has escalated this to highest level, they are way past deadlines and nobody knows what needs to be done. It’s in the bucket of Mr. A. However, except Mr.A everyone is worried. ‘A’ has a very cool character. No one has ever seen him agitated and he is considered very good in what he does. Observer has a great respect for him.

But then, Mr. A is super busy and even after constant rebuking from manager he didn’t get the time to finish this problem off. So, Manager decides to assign it to someone else. Everyone is horrified, no-one wants to get into beehive. Finally one has fallen prey and poor soul is struggling now. This new entry,  Miss B in the story, asks Mr.A for help since ‘A’ is the only one who knows anything about it. But to no avail. What Mr. A has explained is so chaotic that it seems impossible to implement it. Design Mr.A has created is beyond everyone’s reasoning. He himself admitted that he designed while he was drunk. There was a lot of pressure to finish design, he didn’t know much , so during an inebriated state, he created design and submitted it. And since it was so late, no-one bothered to look at design and hurriedly moved to next phase of implementation. And now, here we are.

Miss B is under duress, she doesn’t know what to do, it’s a critical project, so everyday 2 hours status meeting is a constant pain for her. She doesn’t have anything to show what she is doing since she doesn’t know what to do. She can’t even explain to manager what Mr.A has done which is ‘nothing’. Manager mutters some word regarding women doesn’t know a thing and then literally begs Mr.A to come for rescue operation.

Mr.A comes as a Hero, quit everything and immersed himself in finishing this challenge and in 2 days submits and comes as victorious. Everyone is praising him, people are admiring him, client is sending appreciation mail since he has finally seen final product, Miss B is standing in corner trying to get away from the stage of failure. Manager is proudly saying that if anybody could do it , it was Mr.A. Mr.A is gathering all these praises like a gentleman with a smile.

And observer is observing as usual. It was Mr.A who has created this mess, then got away with it for a while, and when other’s couldn’t clean his mess, he came again and cleaned it. And did it successfully and crowd goes wild. Observer respect for Mr.A is tenfold now since Mr.A has recognized the power of chaos and learnt to use it for his own benefit. He knows that chaos is the new standard!!

Note- Pardon me for creating such a chaotic story, but I couldn’t resist after looking at prompt 😉




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