This would be my first response to one-word prompt , which is “Stroll” today. Though I know the meaning of Stroll, I thought to check it online anyways. First few meanings were obvious, taking a walk.. leisurely short walk. Then there was something I didn’t know, that this word originated from German language and during 17th century , it meant in the sense of vagabond roaming. Now that’s an amusing thought.

All this while I was taking a stroll, I was actually roaming as a vagabond. 🙂 But then I find a comforting sense in being a vagabond. Unknown to everyone, slightly mystic, going about my life , all absorbed in me, free from any judgements, free from materialistic world…just…strolling. This is my idea of being a vagabond, may be its different, but sometimes I dream of being like this. Free from any responsibility, just traveling places, observing people and get amused, fetch a book and read it under a tree, then sleep when sun is smiling over you, run to a shelter when rain comes to kiss you, get kissed a little and then watch it shyly from your corner.

I want to stroll over plains, over mountains, in forests, on the road, in the park…list goes on and on. In short, I want to stroll around this world and take it all in and slowly become it. This would take a lot of courage and I’m not ready for it. But I hope to be ready in this lifetime or another.





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