Puerto-Rico -2015

This trip is a little special for me because it was my first solo trip. Although I’m used to of going alone to places but this was first long trip. I chose puerto rico during Christmas 2015 and that was a nice choice.

I learnt a lot on this trip. I talked with a lot of strangers which I don’t normally. I stayed in airport hotel for 2 nights and I had to change my hotel due to improper planning. As per my booking i had to check out by 12 PM while my flight was at 10:30 PM. I didn’t think what would I do for almost 8 hours. Situation was difficult because of a pre planned tour which would end at around 3 PM, so I wouldn’t be in Hotel at check out time. I didn’t book any rental so I can’t use car to stow my luggage too and then I had to book another hotel for 2 nights for which one night was already paid for in airport hotel and 1 night i wasn’t going to use because of my flight time. That’s some planning.

Trip started on Thursday night, I was actually getting cold feet for going alone and was busy doing what-if’s. But then I had a cocktail and got on with that. Trip to airport and check-in was surprisingly fast. I was only one in security check in line. There was only one flight to PR for departure. As soon as i sat in Plane, I dozed off. Couldn’t sample complimentary beverages too ;)..On arrival, it took around 30 mins to locate ‘airport’ hotel but i found it and then slept.

Next day was scheduled for ziplining. I got a hotel pickup and my driver sam was very good. We talked a lot, he was surprised I’m staying at airport hotel. We went for ziplining and it was fine. I met a couple, guy was from new milford, what a small world. Couple was amazing. After that i asked Sam to drop me in Old San Juan where my walking city tour was scheduled. Poor guy, such a traffic and he didn’t complain. I took one pina colada and got some cash out. I went to a restaurant and tried to order something, but they were very slow and my tour time was soon. So I absconded, and joined Debbie, our tour guide. Such an enthusiastic lady with lots of information and I particularly liked her interest in clicking photos. She had a funny way to state boring information. I really liked this tour.  At the end, she called a taxi for me too which dropped me at airport. During the tour, my phone by mistake dialled Sam’s number, and he called me back twice because he was worried that he In lounge, i ordered one strawberry daiquiri and it was simply awesome. And then I retired to bed.

Next morning was lazy since my ziplining tour was already preponed and i had nothing to do. So i just stayed in room watching bigg boss and crime patrol :D.. Evening was booked for Bio bay tour. Again I had hotel pickup. I reached there, and waited for tour to begin. Then we had a problem. There were 3 person who didn’t have any company. Guide asked one woman, and she said no to share with me. Then i paired up with other girl, isabella. She was travelling solo like me.

But moving on, it was a very good trip. I covered most of I wanted to. I stayed in luxurious hotel, I could see sunrise on the beach and sunset too. I did bio bay adventure, ziplining and rainforest. I felt a little awkward during waterfall break, but I guess that was okay. I wish I could’ve found some wildlife in rainforest. But forrest was very peaceful in spite of all that crowd. I don’t know why but I felt very moved while watching rainforest video. May be because I felt so humbled in face of creation of God. Such a grand thing rainforest is. I think that was my favourite part of trip. And that rice with beans was so delicious, it tasted like rajma chawal. I felt so blessed to have that.

Some things to remember from this trip:

1) Check checkin and check out time of your hotel and match it with your itinerary.

2) Try to get hotel in the main city. I booked airport hotel and though it was near city , wasn’t in the city. I could’ve roamed around during my spare time.

3) Check if hotel has resort tax or any other hidden cost.

4) When there is chance to get wet, you need polythene or other bag to keep your wet things in.

5) Bring some handy cash with you, using outside ATM always has a penalty.

And, in the end , happy picture of happy time.

Happy Travels!




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