Though people see me as a very strong person , I know that deep inside I always criticize me , ridicule myself, for not doing enough, for not doing on time, for not doing at all…somewhere its the reason of whatever success I could have achieved so far, on the other hand, that is the reason of me not enjoying things most of the time..n since I’m a very volatile person so I get bored with things easily…n one day I finally got bored with this state when I constantly put myself in the spot…I always think that I’ve not done enough, I could have done more and then I thought of my past and various incidents and I realized that my life so far was very happening..each day brought a totally new experience and most of the days were very unique…n I felt good..I realized I just forget things after they happened and go into self-accusation mode…so I thought to pen down everything I feel or felt…so that I can reminisce whenever I feel low..

So that’s the reason I’ve introduced myself here…and hello to all fellow blogger…hope you would enjoy whatever I have to say…